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Remote Online Notary Service

Remote Online Notary Service

Did you know that the State of Alaska allows the notarization of documents electronically online? This method is fast, secure and 100% state compliant.

Get your document(s) notarized from the comfort of your own home! Notarize anything at any time while you’re located anywhere in Alaska.


A 2-step process is used to verify your identity.


Tamper-evident sealing is electronically applied to all documents.


After the appointment, documents and recordings are protected and backed up.

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A Few Things I'll Always Screen For...


Unless the signer is personally know to the Notary, Alaska Statute requires persons appearing before a notary to produce government-issued identification containing the photograph and signature of the person signing or government-issued ID containing the signature of the person signing without a photograph and another valid identification containing the photograph and signature of the person signing.

(AS 44.50.062 (c))


If you suspect a person is being forced to sign a document, you should refuse to notarize the document. If you fear violence, you might notarize and then contact the police.

(AS 44.50.062 (c))


The constituent should be able to communicate with you in some fashion and have the ability to indicate a basic understanding of the contents of the document. If there is doubt about competency, you may consult an available expert, such as the constituent’s doctor or attorney. However, your common sense should prevail. If the constituent cannot communicate intelligibly, the notarization should not be performed.

(AS 44.50.062 (c))


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